Common Myths and Misconceptions

1.  Hearing aids are expensive.

Hearing aids are available at a variety of price points, but as with many other purchases, you get what you pay for. Don’t avoid contacting us because you’re afraid of the cost. We can help you find an excellent hearing aid in your budget. We also offer interest free financing.

2. Hearing aids are unattractive, bulky, and uncomfortable.

Today’s hearing aids are lightweight, discreet, and even stylish! Most are barely visible!

3. Hearing aids are just amplifiers that make everything louder.

Amplifiers and hearing aids are not the same! Amplifiers can be compared to reading glasses that you can buy off the shelf where hearing aids can be compared to prescription eyeglasses. Hearing aids are programmed based on your hearing test and set at a prescription. Modern hearing aids utilize digital signal processing, which allows the audiologist to tailor your hearing aids to meet your needs.

4. Delaying treatment of hearing loss isn’t a big deal.

Early intervention is extremely important for your current quality of life and your future ability to hear. The nerve that sends signals from the ear to the brain can be thought of like a muscle. If it is not “exercised” with full sound, those areas of the brain are deprived and your ability to hear in the future could be jeopardized.

5. Just wearing one hearing aid is enough.

One hearing aid is appropriate if you have hearing loss in only one ear. However, if hearing loss is present in both ears, two hearing aids are necessary. The brain uses hearing from both ears to process sound and to pick out important signals, like voices, in background noise. Wearing two hearing aids also allows the brain to more easily identify the location of sounds in your environment.