Hearing Care for Infants and Children

Speech, learning, or behavioral issues are often the first indicators of a possible hearing problem. Identifying hearing problems early in a child’s life is essential for normal speech and language development, as well as social development.

During your appointment, the audiologist will perform a variety of tests which may include behavioral tone testing, speech testing, middle ear function testing, or inner ear function testing called Otoacoustic Emmisions (OAEs). After the examination, the audiologist will explain these results and offer recommendations for your child.

Indicators of hearing loss in children:

  • Speech and language delays
  • Listens to TV or music at loud levels
  • Speaks loudly
  • Asks to have things repeated
  • Attention problems
  • Only responds when face-to-face
  • Has a delayed reaction when spoken to
  • Has no response when called upon
  • Has trouble following directions