Hearing Aid Batteries

Our hearing center offers a variety of different sizes and types of hearing aid batteries. There are two main types of hearing aid batteries: rechargeable batteries and disposable batteries. Many newer hearing aid models are rechargeable. We offer chargers for most makes and models of hearing aids on the market.

Did you know?

  • Hearing aid batteries use zinc-air technology and are activated by exposure to oxygen. Don’t remove the sticker until you are ready to use the battery.
  • Allow the battery five minutes to rest after removing the sticker and before placing it into the hearing aid. This will allow it to fully activate.
  • Once activated, the batteries are continuously running. However, you can conserve battery life by opening your hearing aid battery doors when you remove your hearing aids.
  • Keep your hearing aid batteries away from extreme temperatures. Don’t leave extra batteries in your car if it is extremely hot or cold.
  • Color is key! All manufacturers are required to use specific colors for each hearing aid battery size. When you buy batteries, you only need to look for your color – yellow, brown, orange or blue.
    • Size 10 batteries – yellow
    • Size 312 batteries – brown
    • Size 13 batteries – orange
    • Size 675 batteries – blue
  • The average lifespan of hearing aid batteries is as follows:
    • Size 10 batteries: 3-7 days
    • Size 312 batteries: 3-10 days
    • Size 13 batteries: 6-14 days
    • Size 675 batteries: 9-20 days